How to Identify My iPad Model

Find out which iPad model you have.

Are you trying to find out exactly which model iPad or a specific iPad Generation you have? 

We all know Apple is very famous for releasing multiple generations of the same iPad and new iPads every year. And of course, when they do, they end up changing the size and thickness. They end up moving cameras, home buttons, on/off buttons, speakers, ports, etc. Too many inconsistencies lead to confusion.

We get this question quite a lot and we also see customers purchasing the wrong 'custom fit' mounts for their iPad. So we decided it was very necessary to create a custom webpage featuring an in-depth tutorial as well as an entire database (in chronological order) to help you identify your exact iPad model and its' respective generation, quickly and easily.

We hope you find this page useful!

To pinpoint your exact iPad model, Apple suggests that you read the back cover of your iPad and locate the model number that starts with an "A" and then followed by a set of numbers. Typically all iPads have the model number on the back cover.

We've found that the text for the model number is so tiny, you almost need a magnifying glass to read it, and that most people use cases, so now you have to take your case all the way off just to read this tiny model number!! Crazy! :-)

If you're able to read it, please write down or remember this model number and then proceed to search for your iPad in the database below. 

So here's a better solution, that we found is easier.
  • First,  we need to start by having you go to "Settings > General > About" and then locate the "Model" or "Model Number".
  • Second, we need you to Copy/Paste or write down this Model or Model Number. (it will be a long set of numbers and letter) 
  • Third, do a quick google search of the model or model number you jotted down, and Google will tell you exactly which iPad Generation you have.

(Note: The database below does not list the model numbers found in "Settings > General > About". However, it does list the model numbers found on the back cover.) 

For more details with identifying your iPad, visit > Identify your iPad model - Apple Support


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